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Experts in systems, algorithms and software. We are familiar with the expectations of the end-user, and we find adequate solutions. When a project gets stuck, we are here to give it a kick and get it going again.

Essential results in a reasonable amount of time. We coach your project from the market- and problem-analysis to the introduction of the final product in the market. We help you to define the specifications, or we develop with your specifications. We streamline the project's flow process so that the project completes on schedule.

Experience for you to profit from. We come from the tool machine field, but now there remain few software fields where we have not yet worked successfully. Numerical controls, complex PLC developments, real-time-systems, CAM programs - our spectrum goes from single-chip software in Assembler to PC software in all common high-level languages.

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Economic benefit. Your project advances and comes to a successful conclusion. We compensate man-power bottlenecks, and we guarantee the necessary know-how transfer. Your product arrives on the market in time, which gives you an immediate return on your investment.


QUATTRO E SA, Via Casa del Frate 31, CH-6616 Losone, Tel. +41-(0)91 791 78 92, Fax +41-(0)91 791 20 75,

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